What may happen if you set the momentum hyperparameter too close to 1 (e.g., 0.99999) when using an SGD optimizer?

When using an SGD optimizer, if you set the momentum hyperparameter too near to one (e.g., 0.99999), the algorithm may fluctuate around the optimal result. This is because the momentum term will lead the algorithm to continue moving in the same direction even though it is no longer moving towards its optimal result. This can … Read more

Explain the concept of Backpropagation Algorithm

What is Backpropagation Algorithm?

What is Backpropagation Algorithm? Backpropagation Algorithm is a machine learning technique that is used to train artificial neural networks. It is a gradient-based optimisation approach that computes the gradient of the loss function in relation to the parameters of the model. The gradient is then used to update the parameters of the model in the … Read more