What ERP Architecture solution is most appropriate for a Multinational Corporation?

A Multinational Corporation (MNC) has a very large footprint in Geological space. They operate from multiple country, multiple location and have hundreds and often thousands of employees working on the system concurrently. Justify what ERP Architecture solution is most appropriate for such organization and also discussing pros and cons of such a solution. For companies … Read more

How does culture impact ESA?

difference Between Organizational Culture and Climate

How does culture impact ESA? The impact of culture on employee satisfaction and engagement (ESA) inside an organisation is substantial. Employee satisfaction and engagement (ESA) is a measure of the degree to which employees experience motivation, commitment, and contentment in their respective roles. This factor has a direct influence on their productivity and overall performance. … Read more

TOGAF Reference Models – what exactly are they?

What do you mean by TOGAF Reference Models? What are the reference models available with the TOGAF standard? The reference models within TOGAF, also known as The Open Group Architecture Framework, offer a set of generic architectural foundations that serve to optimize the process of developing enterprise architectures. These reference models provide standardized frameworks, interconnections, … Read more

Difference Between Projects and Programs

How is a project different from a program?

In this article we will see the Difference Between Projects and Programs.These two terms frequently appear in the fields of project management and organisational strategy: projects and programs. While these words may sound similar, they signify different methods of meeting goals and producing results. Understanding the underlying differences between projects and programs is critical for … Read more

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

What is Configuration Management? Configuration Management is the approach of maintaining systems, such as computer hardwares and softwares, in a required state. CM is also a method to make sure that systems executes in a consistent manner with expectations over time. Why configuration management plays an important role in the preparation of EA dissemination? Discuss in … Read more