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Constraints or Dependencies. 3

Deliverables And Reviews. 3




Review & Authorisation. 6











Glossary of Terms. 13













In general the focus of the project is to develop Content Management System (CMS)/Website for outer clients. They are right now work in different enterprises and the most as of late for wearing associations. They have as of late won an agreement to give a CMS/Website (Extranet) that will utilized by Australian Women Soccer group (the Waltzing Matildas) group for pave the way to; and for the impending FIFA World cup in 2023 in Australia/New Zealand. This newly developed system  must include features like ability to store player details and statistics, team details and statistics, tracks sponsors, Souvenirs and saleable and will focus on FIFA world Cup 2023 exclusively.

Speaking with introduction will gives you general idea about the company and its background details. Along with this the project charter will provide you a handful of knowledge regarding the resources, stakeholders and team members. Scope of project will focus major about the work breakdown structure in which the project task is divided among the team members. After that project scheduling will gives you overall knowledge about the task distribution and time frame to finish the task. After that comes the budget part which makes you clear about the estimated budget of the project and the various headings of expenditure. The group activity report next to it will tell you about the task performance of the group members and also about the contribution made by them to this project. Finally lesson learned table will help to know about the major ideas and knowledge learned by doing this project. In the last section is conclusion and references from which we can see what were the achievements and how the project is completed.


An Australian based IT Managed Services is SortCMS P/L. They as of now give a scope of Content Management System (CMS)/Website for outer clients. They are right now work in different enterprises and the most as of late for wearing associations. They have as of late won an agreement to give a CMS/Website (Extranet) that will utilized by Australian Women Soccer group (the Waltzing Matildas) group for pave the way to; and for the impending FIFA World cup in 2023 in Australia/New Zealand.

Background of the company:

sortCMS P/L is a well known IT company providing which have been working in the field of software development. They have been working in this field for long time and have been well established in Australia. The main focus of this company is to develop the software based on the client demand. On the recent demand of the client they now are going to developed a content management system(CMS) website for their client. Since the world has been occupied by the field of technology this company has been working to create various software which are used for various purposes. The recent task for this company is to develop a content management software having the given features including DRUPAL for the CMS, framework must be fully available in cloud, determine the creation climate, require current game group information to be imported, including the worldwide groups that are contending in the FIFA World Cup 2023, Set-up assets (advancement and test climate) and improvement groups and venture the executives assets., require Credit Card and PayPal interfaces, Interfaces to monetary frameworks through standard document design interface and requires progressed security. They are two executions one is general site openly accessible, other is one extranet with more highlights with just endorsed supporter access (for doing refreshes, and so forth)


CompanySortCMS P/L
Project NameCMS website for Waltzing Matildas
Date22 Nov. 20Version No.0.1
Client ContactDarren UnsworthPhone+61 123123123
 sortcms@gmail.comPhone02 12312312


Goal and Objectives

  • Appoint team to implement CMS (Content Management System) based Website in sports organization. 
  • Managing events for Waltzing Matildas
  • Managing events prior to and for World Cup 2023

Business Benefits

  • Drupal CMS is flexible and has advantages of online editing and uniformity. And its user-friendly nature allows approved team members to upload and download text and images and edit files online.
  • Instant content updates within the real-time. It means no need to make changes and the content is always fresh and up to date.
  • The website needs to publish the data about the sport members and is required to accept Credit card and Paypal as in Drupal CMS. 
  • The website is supposed to have advanced security i.e., must have general website that is for publicly useable and the other only for the approved personnel.

In Scope

Included in the scope are:

  • Data about sports team in FIFA.
  • Data about the events and statistics
  • Fully available system on robust infrastructures.

Out of Scope

Not included in scope are:

  • Not upgrading computers
  • Not installing the new modules (DRUPAL)

Stakeholders Affected and Type

  • James Lee: Board of Directors: Internal Executive Stakeholders
  • Darren Unsworth: Customer: external operational stakeholders
  • Richard Geller: Government agencies: external stakeholders
  • SortCMS P/L Management
  • SortCMS P/L Helpdesk
  • SortCMS P/L Support

Constraints or Dependencies

Are there constraints or dependencies?        Yes               No                If Yes, please detail:

BudgetBudget for the project is limited to $1.2M AUD.
TimeTime needed for the project to be completed is about 6 months.
ScopeScope are to be considered properly for any project.

Deliverables And Reviews

Work may result in the creation of new deliverables or the amendment of existing items.

No.Deliverable Name By Process GroupDescription of DeliverablePerson ResponsibleReviewersSign-Off Personnel
 Prepare Project PlanIdentify the milestones and timelines of the project.Project SponsorProject Manager 
 Design SoftwareDesign the software of websiteProject TeamProject Manager 
 Login ModuleCreate a login page for the approved personnel.Project TeamProject Manager 
 Design WebsiteKeep all the data and design the website.Project TeamProject Manager 
 Fund HandlingDesign the fund handling systemBusiness AnalystProject Manager 
 Progress ReportControl project within the budget.Project TeamProject Manager 
 Final report and presentationClosing process with customer acceptance for project.Project managerProject Manager 


Description listing most salient aspects:

  • Gathering information about each team and team members.
  • Research about the Drupal CMS through internet.
  • Make sure that the script of the software is not written in PHP.
  • Develop a website that has PostgreSQL database or SQLite database instead of MySQL, or a MySQL-compatible replacement such as MariaDB or Percona.
  • Develop a website that includes all the data about the team members involved in FIFA, and the events for FIFA 2023.


No.ResourceNo. of DaysRate Per Day $
(Ex GST)
Total Amount $
(Ex GST)
1.Ricky/ Project Manager202,50050,000
2.Samer/ Website Developer103,00030,000
3. 4.Shambhu/ Designer Marie/ Assistant Designer4 615,000 10,00060,000 60,000
SUB TOTAL200,000
20% Contingency Allowance240,000
Other Items 
Computers and accessories240,000
Food and Drinks80,000
Petrol and Electricity70,000
Security and update200,000
Bugs fixing and control70,000


Approval of Project09 SEP 20
Kick-Off meeting23 Nov. 20
Complete gathering requirements14 OCT 20
Create Scope Statement and Stakeholder Register21 OCT 20
Budgeting13 Nov 20
Software Design20 Dec 20
Website Construction21 Dec 20
Testing30 January  21
Launch Project14 April 21  

Review & Authorisation

Quality ManagerJames Lee    14 April 21  James
Project ManagerMileesha Maharjan    14 April 21  Mileesha
Client RepresentativeKiran Tamang    14 April 21  Kiran  
Business AnalystSanjay Parajuli  14 April 21Sanjay


Subsequent to working through all the examiners and meeting with the partner, all the expectations needed for the task alongside the dangers and quality required was unmistakably perceived. At last, we held a gathering and characterized the degree explanation which incorporates the new frameworks qualities and prerequisites, sums up the site and depicts about progress rules.



Gathering prerequisites is the way toward finding, archiving and dealing with partner wishes and necessities to satisfy undertaking goals. Giving the reason to lay out and take care of the task scope just as item extension is the critical increase of this cycle. We have utilized various approaches to assemble data. Initially, we utilized master judgment for gathering data who are educated in their separate fields. In addition, we used poll and studied strategy which is more reasonable for enormous number of individuals. We intended to utilize this strategy for gathering data since it gives partner to take their flexible choice and furthermore to participate in overview as per their inclinations. Other data gathering method like benchmarking, uncommon conversation and layouts will be followed when essential.


After collecting data, data are required to processed. So, some of the techniques like applying corporate policies, using use cases and context diagram are used to manipulate any data and discover useful information for decision making.


After the completion of data analysis, we need to interpret the data. We can interpret the data either by creating a table or by simply writing in words.


  • The data and information collected, shared should be secured properly.
  • The system developed should be available anytime and should be developed for the future prospective as well.
  • For any problems that may occur in future, the organization should properly train team members and staffs and should have proper solutions to those problems.
  • The website should publish the data about the sport members. 
  • The website should have advantages of online editing, uniformity and user-friendly nature so that it allows approved team members to upload and download text and images and edit files online.


IDNameTitleRolePower (H/L)Interest (H/L)Needs & WantsConcerns
01Mr. Darren UnsworthCEOSponsorHLQuality of the project must be perfectly deliveredNot meeting the desired worth for the new system.
02Mr. Samer Rai Website developerVendor (CMS)LHProper knowledge of the desired system.Entanglement in the proposed templates
03Mr.Shambhu Singh/Marie Creek  DesignerVendor (Labtech)LHProper acknowledgement of the desired IT infrastructure required.Not enough budget and time for the IT infrastructure.
04Mr. Ricky Hugel/ Ms. Mileesha MaharjanProject managerCommunication and leaderHHDistribute the desired system.Politics inside the CMS P/L
05Mr. James LeeQuality ManagerChecking the quality of the developed system throughout the project.LHReview the quality throughout the different phases of the project.Not enough communication between the vendors and project manager.
06Mr. Kiran Tamang/ Sanjay ParajuliClient representativeSecondary sponsorHHUser friendly interface.Unclear vision of profit margin for the sponsor clients.
07Anil ShresthaCustomerInternational customerLLFaster system with 24 hr up time.Secure system for private information.
08Mr. Raju KojuSecurity OfficerSystem securityLLGood knowledge of the hierarchy of security clearance.Customer clearance for ticketing client company may cause breach the security.


Schedule management includes procedures focusing on time management of any projects. Scheduling in project management is done in iterations. When creating a schedule, project managers evaluate the work, timeline, and resources they predicted. Once a scheduling is done, the project manager is required to track the project performance and record the progress to make quality decisions. This requires proper communication and synchronization with project team members and stakeholders. Therefore, it is vital for the project manager to keep the stakeholders informed regarding the current status of the project. Work Breakdown Structure is one of the major milestones required to perform project scheduling. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a result-oriented assortment of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project.

The process of developing schedule for a project must create a project schedule that allows doing the following tasks:

  • Closing: The schedule will define how all the work must be completed. So, a distinct work breakdown structure and superiority of the work is so important.
  • Realistic: The schedule must be flexible and provide accessibility to participate.
  • Accepted: The timetable must have “buy- in’’ from colleagues and partners, uniquely the recipients. There are some steps which aid to set the time while creating a new project, such as: Analysing, planning, deploying and updating the schedule. (PM4DEV, 2015)



Implementation of CMS 1.0

 1.1 Initiation

  1. Evaluation & Recommendations
    1. Write Project proposal
    1.  Deliverable Submit Project proposal
    1. Project supervisor Reviews Project proposal
    1. Project statement Signed and Approved
    1. Requirements gathering and analysis

        and software requirements

        requirement documents

            1..1.7Develop Project Charter

  1. Planning
    1. Sorting out proposed Scope Statement
    1.  Making Project Team
    1. Project Team start Meeting
    1. Develop Project Plans
    1. Submit Project Plans
    1.  Project Plan Approval
    1. Execution
      1. Project start Meeting
      1. Verify & Validate User Requirements
      1. Design System
      1. Coding programs

1.3.5Installation of the project

            1.3.6Generate solutions

  1. Controlling
    1. Project Management
    1. Project Status Meetings
    1. Risk Management
    1. Update Project Management Plans
    1. Testing of application software
    1. Closeout/Ending
      1. Audit output so gained
      1. Submit Reports
      1. Document Lessons gained
      1. Update Files/Records
      1. Provide Trainings
LevelWBS CodeElement NameDefinition
11.0Implementation of CMSIt is a Content Management System.
21.1InitiationThe task to start the project.
31.1.1Evaluation & RecommendationsWorking group to evaluate solution sets and make recommendations.
31.1.2Write Project proposalProject Manager to develop the Project information.
31.1.3Submit Project proposalSubmitted to supervisor in order to get directions.
31.1.4Project Supervisor Reviews Project informationProject supervisor reviews the Project information.
31.1.5Project information is Signed and ApprovedIt will be signed by the project supervisor and allows the project manager to work on the project.
31.1.6Requirement gathering and analysisAll the required tools and equipment are gathered on the basis of instruction from the PM by the team members and software requirements Hardware and software includes laptops and computers, OS, devices drivers and so on. requirement documents  Requirements documents are prepared by developer and reported to team leader/ Project Manager
 1.1.7Develop Project CharterProject charter is developed by the project manager.
21.2PlanningThe work for the planning process for the project.
31.2.1Sorting out pre proposed   Scope StatementProject Manager will create pre-determined Scope Statement.
31.2.2Making Project TeamThe Project Manager makes the team members and request for the resource.
31.2.3Project Team start MeetingHeld between team members, project manager and supervisor before starting the project.
31.2.4Develop Project PlansPlans are developed under the supervision of the project manager.
31.2.5Submit Project PlansProject Manager submits the project plan for approval.
31.2.6 Project Plan ApprovalAfter the project plan is approved, the Project Manager has permission to proceed to execute the project according to the project plan.
21.3ExecutionWork involved to perform the project.
31.3.1Project start MeetingProject Manager conducts a formal start meeting with the project team, project stakeholders and project sponsor.
31.3.2Verify & Validate User RequirementsThe original user requirements are reviewed by the project manager and team, then validated with the users/stakeholders.
31.3.3Design SystemThe technical resources design the new widget management system.
31.3.4Coding programsThe programs so required is coded
31.3.5Installation of the systemThe actual system is installed and started.
31.3.6Generates SolutionsThe system is tested with a select set of users and generates results.
21.4ControllingThe work involved for the controlling process of the project.
31.4.1Project ManagementWhole the project is to be managed.
31.4.2Project Status MeetingsWeekly team status meetings.
31.4.3Risk ManagementRisk related to projects are defined and managed to take necessary action.
31.4.4Update Project Management PlanProject Manager will update the Project Management Plan as the project progress.
31.4.5Testing of the Application SoftwareThe developed software is tested to get the system feedback.
21.5Closeout/ endingThe work that will close-out the project.
31.5.1Audit the output so gainedAn audit is done to carry out that the required output is so gained or not to make any changes.
31.5.2Document Lessons gainedProject Manager along with the project team performs a lessons learned meeting and documents the lessons learned for the project.
31.5.3Update Files/RecordsAll files and records must be updated to know the status of the ongoing project.
31.5.4Gain Formal AcceptanceThe Project Sponsor formally accepts the project by signing the acceptance document included in the project plan.
31.5.5Provide TrainingsAll the team members and clients are given proper training.


Level of effort – Work that is not directly associated with components of a work breakdown structure but that can instead be thought of as support work

Work breakdown structure (WBS) – Work breakdown structure is a comprehensive, hierarchical model of the deliverables constituting the scope of a project.

Project performance indicators – Measures used to assess project performance, usually with reference to project or performance baselines.

Work Package: The work packages of a project are its lowest-level deliverables.

WBS Component: it is a component of a WBS which is located at any level. It can be a Work Package or a WBS Element as there’s no restriction on what a WBS Component is.

Sponsor – A sponsor has ultimate authority over a project. They provide high-level direction, approve project funding as well as deviations from cost and budget, and determine project scope.
9 – PERT CHARTBackground

All the works described in Work Breakdown Structure are detailed by using the alphabets:

  1. Develop Project Proposal
  2. Requirements gathering and analysis
  3. Develop Project Charter
  4. Sorting out proposed Scope statement
  5. Develop Project Plans
  6. Project Scheduling
  7. Design a CMS website
  8. Testing of application software
  9. Provide trainings
  10. Make Report

Image Card

10 – RISK REGISTERBackground

Those situations which involves an exposure to any kind of obstacles in the launch of project is known as risk. The strategies that are used to control or manage the risk is known as risk management. To manage the risk the register called risk register is approached. Risk register is known as the documentation of possible risk of the project. It identifies all the risks and documents its impact, probability, effect, causes and methods to prevent them happening. There are different types of risk register for different company and different project. The information is risk register is rapidly changing characteristics and evolving. Some primary entities of risk register are:

  • Risk Index
  • Title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Cause
  • possibility
  • Impact
  • proposed responses
  • owner and so on
I.DRiskDescriptionCategoryCausePossibilityImpactProposed responsesOwners
1Lack of good management or leadershipL has become a major organization so there exist a danger of subjective authority for venture oversight also, strategical heading for the organization.qualityFailure to understand project concept and lack of understanding between team membersMedium-Poor perception-training should be provided time to timeProject manager
– Decrement in arrangement-work of project should be supervised time n again
– Co-operative teams should work on big issues
also, effectiveness 
– Delayed IT 
2Delayed interaction with stakeholdersStake holders are the key component of project so delayed in communication of stake holders will result in risk of projectSchedule-lack of interactions of stake holders and officialsmedium– Failure of business measures.– Recognizing partners also, executing commitment plans for partners.Project manager
-absence of stake holders in boarding meetings  
 – Failure to execute– Every detail of venture scope should be given to partners
 missions and 
 inability to 
 meet legitimate or 
 legally binding 
3Stealing or breaching of dataSort Content Management System P/L holds data of enormous amount of user data it can be hacked or stolenScope and cost-lack of proper knowledge of data handlinghigh– Normal robbery also, infringement of significant client information.-Use of proper antivirusSecurity and maintenance
-poor security system or lack of strong antivirus– Over the top fines and cost of-standard burglary-Proper training of data handling
 also, infringement of significant-Immediate action on failure system or any kind of security
 client information. 
 fines and 
 cost of 
4Inability to follow company policiesAs organizationquality-lack of executive’s support -Inability to– Preparing ought toProject manager
becomes bigger and-lack of funding for employee training.lowsecurebe given to
bigger there is– lack of understanding of policies and failure to execute them. basic client’sthe workers
continuously a danger  information andso, they can
that the  organization’scomprehend the
organization may neglect to secure  insider facts.approaches of
the uprightness,  – Loss of sightadvancement
secrecy  of objectives asexercises.
also, accessibility  the approaches– Management
of information and  are should be
assets of the  – Information break.dynamic and
organization.   ought to
    approaches and
5Improper planning for projectsNew projectsQuality and costdisappointment ofmedium– Delay in– Present dayProject manager
need newequipment orcoming to theequipment and
arranging. However, Ifprogramming frameworksobjective orprogramming
the administrationwhich may leadaccomplishingframeworks.
framework isto information erasure.certain-Normal
unequipped for– absence of financing,objective.gatherings and
making powerfulpreparing, or– Absence ofgathering
plans, it is auphold fromcollaborationabout the
incredible danger to thethe executivesasarranging.
organizationgroups for makingcomprehension of plans is-Standard financing
 compellingnot done byalso, preparing of
 – absence ofpart. 
 comprehension of  
 venture objective  
 also, measures  
6Godly activityDemonstration of god iscosts-unfortunate natural destructionsMedium– Loss of– GuaranteeingProject manager
dubious howeverhumanprotection is
significant danger forasset anddone.
any organization. Itinformation.– Powerful information
may incorporate fire, reinforcement plans
quake,– Loss ofshould be
flood, etc.frameworks of themade.
 organization– If conceivable,
  parts of the company
  should be in
  better places
  for reinforcement

Cost per Unit
Project Manager20$2,500$50,000
Business Analyst4$15,000$60,000
 Costs Total  $200,000 
Project Manager5$2,000$10,000
Costs Total  $15,000 
Other WBS Structure Item (Level 2) like testing, etc   
Testing by Supplier30$100.00$3,000.00
Project Team Members20$300.00$6,000
Costs Subtotal  $15,000.00 
Hardware, Software, Overheads(Misc.)
Security and Update$200,000
Costs Subtotal  $440,000 
Food and Drinks$80,000.00
Petrol and Electricity$70,000.00
 Services Subtotal  $250,000 
Additional Costs
Overhead1$40,000$40,00020% of labour cost
Additional Costs Subtotal  $40,000.00 
 Costs Total  $960,000 
Reserve1$240,000$240,000Allow 20% on total cost
GRAND TOTAL  $1,200,000

Image Card


FromTillNumber of daysType of meetingTopic of meeting
11/10/2020            11/15/20205 daysProject team start  meeting Face to faceGeneral introduction with team members and on the topic about the project and its time duration and budget.
29/11/20203/12/20204daysProject start meeting Face to faceDetail discussion regarding the project, how we are going to start the project, who is going to be responsible for what part of the project and how long the project going to take, what can be the risk that may occur during project and so on  
7/01/202117/01/202110daysProject status meeting Zoom video callHad discussion on the ongoing project about the work finished, the achievement throughout the task and other various task.


An Australian based IT Managed Services is SortCMS P/L. They as of now give a scope of Content Management System (CMS)/Website for outer clients. They are right now work in different enterprises and the most as of late for wearing associations. They have as of late won an agreement to give a CMS/Website (Extranet) that will utilized by Australian Women Soccer group (the Waltzing Matildas) group for pave the way to; and for the impending FIFA World cup in 2023 in Australia/New Zealand.

Our team member has got this project and has started outlining the business procedure wanted by the company and we also have to focus on technological factors required by the company to implement CMS based website that is re-usable later by other sporting organizations as well. The needed solution required built in up latest deliverables which should give satisfaction to the SortCMS P/L and its clients including the Waltzing Matildas. The newest development software must have developed data security and must be able to deal with current features as well. This Modules must have features like ability to store player details and statistics, team details and statistics, tracks sponsors, Souvenirs and saleable and will focus on FIFA world Cup 2023 exclusively.we proposed best project budget to decide total cost for the venture to complete.

This newest development in CMS program will support SortCMS P/L IT organization to boost up their problems and will keep an eye in client site setting. To gain our project success efficiently and on a given timeframe the given task was divided into different sections among the group members We intentionally built venture charter that includes cost info, advantages, hazards, its achievement criteria and ultimately roles and duties specifically to each participant of the group. Along with it we worked on preparing project structure with scale announcement, WBS. We also created PERT Chart. Finally, risk registry and so on. we proposed best project budget to decide total cost for the venture to complete.

Group participation:

In this project we have a group of 3 members including myself Meelisha Mahara Sanjay and Kiran Tams. We decided to give a name for our group and called it Three Star Group. All of the members put their best efforts with whatever knowledge they have in order to accomplish this project. As we were stranger to each other we faced difficulties in the beginning but however we become close to each other by connecting to social media. We created a group in WhatsApp and also shared our numbers so that we can have prompt communication with each other. Each individual were very concentrate toward the project and were deciding on how can we do our project ? what sorts of steps we need to perform to get the best out of our project ? and what could be the possible obstacles during the project time?

Shared of Responsibility: To limit the work load to single individual we had shared our responsibility among the group members so that we can complete the task within the given timeframe. For this project first part we need to accomplish was Project Charter, for this sanjay was responsible. He came with the idea of Project Charter and Kiran in the other hand help him with the correction and recheck of it. I did the stakeholder register part and on this part both of them help me to correct my mistakes. So on we had to put the budget estimation part and project scheduling part. On this we three called a face to face meeting in Kiran’s house. We three sat and complete this section addition to this we complete the work breakdown structure. Another important part was risk register part which was completed by Mr. Kiran. Conclusion and references was written by sanjay and me. In this we shared almost equal responsibility to each other and finish our project within the given time frame.Each individual were very concentrate toward the project and were deciding on how can we do our project ?

Group member interaction: we had to have a lot of communication while doing this project but it was made easy my means of social media. For this we use mostly the WhatsApp platform where we sent and receive message regarding the project activities. We had a strong communication means we were listening to each other’s idea and sharing our as well. We learned how to lead a group so that how we can get the best out of us. Being a leader is not a easy job is what we faced. We also used emails to share our files and it made easy for us to recorrect the mistakes and sent it to each members quickly. We listen to each other’s feedbacks on the topic on which each were responsible. We also made a video conference call over zoom in order to have face to face interaction to talk about the project tasks.

Roles within team members: we had different roles in our project activity Meelisha was chose to be group leader among us and Sanjay and Kiran were the members of this group. We had shared almost equal responsibility however there was a certain more responsibility to a group leader. Group leader had to interact with the group members as well as with stakeholders as well. It was a bit difficult to had a meeting with the stakeholders however we tried our best to set a meeting with them. Interior communication was not disturbed as we were having daily communication. Task contribution of our member is shown in the pie chart below which gives a clear picture of members participation.

Documentation: sanjay was responsible for documenting of the files after the completion of small task such as project Charter, WBS, cost estimation, risk register and so on. He collect all the files from each members and combined it to a single file to give a complete document. We had to put the title page, table of contents and had to do in a different format like heading sizes, styles of text and so on. At the end all the files were documented correctly and properly and also we had stored the files in our drives in order to protect the files from loss.

Lesson Learned Table:

PROJECT TITLE: Implementation of CMS
PROJECT DURATION: 13/09/2020 to 14/04/2021
This group based project assignment was a great platform for us to learn more about project management. We learned a lot from this assignment. Some of the lessons learned are as follows: TO find out the project requirements, objectives and goals of project.To collect required data and make plans about the requirements of the task.To divide the work into smaller pieces and distribute among members.To find out risk and their possible solutions during work progress.To understand the project methodology, designing , requirements collection and scheduling.To improve our personal development working in a group.


To conclude from this project we gain a lot of ideas about how to handle a project, what sorts of course of actions we need to discover for a success of the overall project. We learn about the team work and leadership. We gain good concept of the real world project. To gain the success while doing project we need to have good coordination among the group members, communication is the key to success , hard work pays you back and time is very important in project life cycle are the major points we have found out in this project success. We learn how to interact with the project related stakeholders and other people involved. we learnt that division of task is very important factor for the success of the project. We also learnt about the various risk and possible solutions to handle such risks.


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)4th edition

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)5th edition Project Management Institute

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide-Sixth Edition / Agile Practice Guide Bundle6th edition Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute Staff

Project Management 12th edition A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling by Harold Kerzner, Harold R Kerzner

Q and As for the PMBOK® Guide6th edition by FRANK T Anbari

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