Could firms identify people with greater capacity for creativity or inventiveness in their hiring procedures?

Could firms identify people with greater capacity for creativity or inventiveness in their hiring procedures?

 Yes, when individuals and businesses take part in formal or informal innovation networks, they engage with new information and ideas.  As knowledge expands, more recombination opportunities develop.

With the demand for innovation in modern enterprises, it is more crucial than ever to hire employees with the appropriate experience and imagination. By investing in scouting and human resources, corporations and organisations can determine whether individuals have uniqueness or creativity throughout the recruiting process.

What traits appear to make individuals most creative? Are these the same traits that lead to successful inventions? 

Most individuals are creative because they possess qualities such as knowledge, personality, curiosity, and motivating drive. While everyone has a creative side, not everyone has the courage or motivation to pursue it. A person’s conviction in their own skills is one of the most crucial personality attributes. Individuals with the most inventiveness can differentiate between major and little obstacles. When someone is engaged on a project that they are enthusiastic about, their creative side comes out.

Many of the same traits that make someone creative, in my opinion, may also lead to excellent innovations. A person’s creative qualities enable them to create something new, and an innovation is something that has never been done before.I feel that developing creative qualities may lead to a successful creation.

To what degree do you think the creativity of the firm is a function of the creativity of individuals, versus the structure, routines, incentives, and culture of the firm? Can you give an example of a firm that does a particularly good job at nurturing and leveraging the creativity of its individuals? 

There are several businesses that are significant for affecting the function of employees in various firms, or we may claim that creative individuals will help in the growth of the organisation. The success of the firm is based on the employees who commit their valuable time to it. Google supports innovation among its workers through a range of institutional and informal approaches. Google awards employees with recognition certificates and other perks since they spend 20% of their time on their own projects.

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