In a study done in London people in subway stations were offered a cheap pen in return for disclosing their passwords. About 90 percent offered their passwords in return for the pen. What can be done to get people to take Computer and Network Security more seriously?

In a study done in London people in subway stations were offered a cheap pen in return for disclosing their passwords. About 90 percent offered their passwords in return for the pen. What can be done to get people to take Computer and Network Security more seriously?

Secret phrase security is a significant concern these days with the expanding number of programmers. Individuals should know the significance of the secret phrase security so they and their information can be protected from programmers. Individuals ought to be instructed about the significance of the secret word security through various medias like papers, notice just as they ought to be given data about the outcomes of offering secret word to obscure people groups

Define the following terms in your own words:

  • Adware: Adware is the type of spyware that displays pop-up advertisements related to user’s activity
  • Backdoor Trojan: Backdoor trojan is the type of trojan horse that gives attack access to victim’s computer.
  • Bot: A kind of backdoor Trojan that responds to commands sent by a command-and-control program on another computer.
  • Botnet: Botnet is the collection of bot-infected computers controlled by the same command-and-control program.
  • Cross-site scripting: Cross-site scripting is the type of attack in which the victim’s browser executes script, which may steal cookies, track user’s activity, or perform another malicious action.
  • Drive-by download: Drive-by downloads occurs with Unintentional downloading of malware caused by visiting a compromised Web site.
  • Rootkit: Rootkit is a set of programs that provides privileged access to a computer.
  • Spyware: Spyware is the type of malware program that communicates over an Internet connection without user’s knowledge or consent

Soon after the Internet worm was released, Andy Sudduth sent out an email explaining how to stop the worm. Why was this email of no help to the system administrators fighting the spread of the worm?

Andy Sudduth’s email was of no help for two reasons. Most importantly, it didn’t have a title. Second, and all the more altogether, the email was not passed on in a lucky manner, considering the way that the mail specialist dealing with it was defiled with the worm.

Kalamazoo College requires that all computers connected to the campus network be running up-to-date antivirus software. When a student’s computer is discovered to have a virus, its network connection is cut until a staff member can remove the virus. If it turns out that the computer was not running up-to-date antivirus software, the student is fined $100. Is this a morally justifiable policy?

As all PCs running in the Kalamazoo College are interconnected in the grounds, so we should remember that any infection in any PC framework may hurt the whole PC organization. The school information, significant records of understudies and so on will consistently be in danger without hostile to infection programming. Antivirus programming is fundamental for keeping the PC running securely. It’s crucial that understudies should stay up with the latest; in any case more current dangers might have the option to slip past and spread in the whole PC organization. It is important to continually refresh the counter infection programming on a PC framework since PCs are habitually undermined by new infections. The counter infection refreshes contain the freshest records expected to fight new infections and ensure the PC. Antivirus programming shields the PC from approaching dangers and searches out, slaughters, and cautions of potential dangers to the framework.

New infections are coming out consistently constantly. It is the undertaking of the antivirus programming to stay aware of the most recent dangers. Morally it is a not justifiable policy to fine 100$ fines to students but keeping in mind the Computer and Network security of the other pcs it is suggested that a. Regular workshops should be organized by the college regarding anti-virus software. b. In the first case warning should be given to students for not installing the anti-virus software instead of cutting the internet connection. c. A reasonable amount may be charged from the student if he deliberately not installing the anti-virus software.

Millions of American homes are equipped with wireless networks. If the network is not made secure, any nearby computer with a wireless card can use the network. The range of home wireless networks often extends into neighboring homes, particularly in apartment complexes. If your neighbor’s wireless network extends into your home, is it wrong to use that network to get free Internet access?

Truly, it isn’t right to utilize neighbor’s remote organization basically because it has a place with another person and that somebody is paying to utilize it. This is the moral side of why it ought not be gotten to and utilized. The other motivation behind why the remote organization of a neighbor ought not be utilized is on the grounds that one has no clue about the Wi-Fi being utilized by others without their assent which is considered as unlawful.

Debate this proposition: It is wrong for a company to hire a former malicious hacker as a security consultant.

One of the principle, issues of employing previous programmers is their criminal foundation. Partner with a criminal can place a sodden on your picture in the commercial center too as can cause issues on the off chance that you are managing government offices. There are the odds that they not change or the stuff for a previous criminal to do some significant harm when you have served your organization security framework with a royal flair? You will pay to an ensured criminal to break in your security framework as it is the best hindrance of recruiting previous programmers. There are the odds that programmers are not changed after the visit and remaining in prison.

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