Professional Ethics in Computing

1. Explain how advances in information technology have made it easier for consumers to violate copyright law.

Answer:The increase in IT significantly make life easier which has backed the copyright law so far. If anyone puts any videos on YouTube channel next person has an excess to download it and share it with their own names saying their own content. The growth in technology has made it difficult to identify the real owner of the content. One will create a song and videos another one will utilize that for their own benefits without the concern of the owner. Even if you find the offender you need legitimate confirmations to prove that the material has a place with you, yet none accomplishes this hectic work giving the violators simplicity of abusing the copyright law.

2. What does the term “digital rights management” mean? Describe three different technologies that have been used or proposed for digital rights management.

Answer: Mechanized rights the board (DRM) is a term for access control headways that are used by hardware producers, distributers, copyright holders and individuals to limit the use of modernized substance. The term is used to depict any development that curbs the use of cutting-edge substance that isn’t needed or arranged by the substance provider. The term doesn’t all things considered suggest various sorts of copy protection, which can be skirted without changing the record or device, for instance, ongoing numbers or key documents.

1. Digify is a DRM programming that is anything but difficult to utilize and takes just minutes to set up. A huge number of organizations spare time utilizing Digify in offering classified records to accomplices, customers, and speculators. It unites report security, mechanized watermarking and document following capacities at a fixed moderate cost.

2) Binder utilizes Digital Asset Management answer for make, discover, and deal with their substance in the cloud. Folio’s honour winning programming is utilized by worldwide brands. With Binder, you can set lapse dates to naturally chronicle/mark resources with data with respect to their utilization, so you have better command over brand tasks. Applying embargos and end dates should be possible with a few ticks.

3) Red Points is the world’s first image insight stage. By consolidating on the web brand security, copyright authorization, and merchant observing capacities, Red Points gives you full perceivability into brands presence on the web. More than 550 brands depend on Red Points to battle fakes, theft, and circulation misuse internet, permitting them to look after control, improve their image worth, and increment incomes.

3. Suppose company A wants to develop a program that duplicates the functionality of a program made by company B. Describe how company A may do this without violating the copyrights held by company B

Answer: Association An ought to follow a “clean up room” programming improvement measure. There will be two gatherings working in this undertaking for association A.

The fundamental gathering will survey association B’s program and choose how its capacities and what it achieves. Considering that, the gathering will convey a specific for a program that can achieve a comparable convenience.

The resulting bunch relies just upon that specific to develop the thing. Since this gathering of designers are limited from Company B’s things and simply execute a specific detail given to them, Company A can be sure that no code gets repeated, even accidentally. Thusly, avoiding the chance of copyright encroachment.

4. A plane makes an emergency crash landing on a deserted tropical island. Two dozen survivors must fend for themselves until help arrives. All of them are from large cities, and none of them has camping experience. The survivors find it impossible to gather enough food, and everyone begins losing weight. One person spends a lot of time by himself and figures out how to catch fish. He brings fish back to camp. Others ask him to teach them how to catch fish. He refuses but offers to share the fish he has caught with the other passengers if they take care of the other camp chores, such as hauling fresh water, gathering firewood, and cooking. Debate the morality of the bargain proposed by the fisherman. One group should explain why the fisherman’s position is morally wrong. The other group should explain why the fisherman’s position is morally acceptable.

The demonstration of angler is ethically right based on after moral hypotheses:

Act utilitarianism– The exhibit of fisher is upheld considering the way that he is helping others with proceeding with their life by the fish that gets in those adversarial conditions of relinquished tropical island. He is bringing delight and goodness for all the people, hence, accordingly if they do what he says it is sensible.

Social Contract: it is as indicated by this ethics the show of the individual is basically act since he is gaining contract for the organization that he is providing for various explorers. He has developed his own strategies to get fish and has brought back those fish to his camp so everyone could have it, and therefore if he demands some help from them to have a social solicitation by then, it should not be considered as morally misguided.

5. Why are patents considered an unreliable way of protecting intellectual property rights in software?

Answer: licenses are seen as a questionable way in programming considering the way that the patent office has given out various horrible programming patent that can’t hold up in court. This has happened because for a significant long time the patent office didn’t give out licenses on programming. during this time a huge load of ‘prior workmanship” was being made. Presently, when an association applies for an item patent, the patent office may not think about a bit of the prior workmanship. It might give a patent despite the way that the estimation isn’t novel. A serious patent has minimal worth. The presence of horrible licenses in programming decreases the assessment of programming licenses.

6. What is the difference between a trademark and a trade secret?

Answer: A brand name is a word, picture, image, sound, concealing, or smell, used to separate a thing. It is adequate when an association’s image name ends up being eminent to everyone. Occurrences of brand names are Kleenex, McDonald’s Golden Arches, etc. Your College University’s logo is most likely held. A restrictive bit of leeway is a touch of authorized advancement that is kept ordered. Models are conditions, measures, elite plans, key plans, and customer records. The information loses a great deal or all value if it becomes public data.

7. Is it hopeless to try to protect intellectual property in digital media?

Answer: To express that it’s not a dismal thing or waste in case we Endeavor to make sure about authorized advancement in electronic media. All things considered; I think new advances joining more refined adversary of copying measures is best in making sure about authorized development in modernized media.

In case of copyright laws, they are in like manner effective occasionally like in circumstances where there is verification against the violator and the genuine owner of the secured advancement can show that his property has been mishandled or used without his assent in the legitimate firm or fundamentally court. While if there ought to emerge an event of antagonistic to reproducing advancement, it will reliably ensure that no other individual is using the authorized development of any person. This method will reliably work and shield the property from people who needs to use the unlicensed ensured development of others.

A fundamental model can be that a thought Computing can help in preventing the foundation of any “unlicensed /programming”.

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